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  1. Mustache Theme

    We decided to try something new by pulling off a Mustache party! Streamers and Danglers had cut outs of mustaches, ties and bow ties! We hand crafted the packaging for the return gifts by adding suspenders, buttons and bowties! In the end, it was a great mustache bash! Read More
  2. Butterfly Theme

    Butterfly kisses, giggles and fun had the danglers and Streamers dancing around the place creating the perfect garden space. The little butterflies flapped their way through the pom-poms and twirled through the party. Colourful butterflies were placed around the party and created a magical butterfly land experience! Read More
  3. Underwater theme

    The vibrant colours of the ocean made it fun making this underwater themed party! Custom made balloons including a giant octopus were hanging from the celling along with our colorful handmade pom-poms. Danglers and streamers of the friendly fishes of the sea danced their way through the party and created an underwater ambience like never before! Read More
  4. Pirate Theme

    YO-HO-HO off to a Pirate parrrrty we go. Every child had their own hand crafted pirate hate and eye patch! A pirate photo booth was also set up to capture the crazy pirates! Streamers and Danglers with cut outs of pirates, swords and even skulls were up and about. By the end of party, each pirate took home a little treasure to remember their voyage across the seven seas. Read More
  5. Nautical Theme

    We wanted to give our full sailor gusto and spirit for this nautical themed party where everything is red and blue! Danglers and streamers of boats and anchors sailed through the venue; each table had its own tent card which was handmade. And every child got to take a little nautical back home, with return gifts! We were so happy to see all the little children enjoy the theme and put on their sailor hats! Read More
  6. Jungle Theme

    Swing on over to wild side and unleash your inner animal with our jungle themed party! Hand crafted animal masks and animal themed accessories were given to every crazy critter! Streamers and Danglers with cut outs of the wild crazy animals of the jungle joined the party and created a fun and enjoyable jungle atmosphere! Read More
  7. Mickey Mouse theme

    On one occasion we decided to give a little Mickey Mouse lover, a great surprise. We decided to use the colours black, yellow, red and white. Customized Mickey Mouse outfits were given to every child at the party! Handcrafted decorations were focused on the famous ears and white gloves and were set around the hall. We made the little one feel he was celebrating his birthday with Mickey! Read More
  8. Princess Theme

    It’s every girl’s dream to be a princess and have her own castle! Gold shimmering crowns turned every girl into a princess. The perfect princess Photo booth with thematic props and tags was made, for the perfect princess. Each princess had received custom made chocolates in the shape of crowns! Every princess enjoyed making tiaras at the princess activity corner! Read More
  9. Hawaiian Theme

    Grass skirts, torch lights and other delights, it’s going to be a great day! Floral patterns are a must for a Hawaiian themed party and so are flowers! Flower garlands and flower crowns were hand-picked for every guest. Streamers and Danglers with cut out of tiki heads, coconuts, flowers and flip flops and along with the pom-poms were dancing away with the sounds of the ukulele! Read More
  10. Mermaid Theme

    Dive into the deep blue sea; follow the sea creatures to the mesmerizing mermaid party! Our deep sea danglers and streamers gave this party a complete mermaid makeover! The mermaids were each given handpicked head bands and balloons were customized to create giant octopuses! The mermaid photo booth made beautiful memories. The mermaids soon swam home with custom made shell chocolates. Read More

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