How to Plan a Perfect Party:

Is this your first time on planning an event? Don’t worry – we’re here at your rescue. No need to get stressed out and overwhelmed. Organizing a successful corporate, personal or family event can be easy

if you follow these simple steps!

1. Pre planning:

  • It’s very important to have enough time to decide on when you are going to host a party. This planning is essential as you need to inform your guests well in advance about the party so that they do not turn up due to prior commitments.
  • You should also be sure about what type of party are going to host whether it’s going to be a formal or casual one or an indoor or outdoor party.
  • The biggest factor is on deciding on the perfect date or time. You need to figure out the best day of week where all your guests can join you.
  • Having night parties or late night dinners on a weekday is not a good plan as your guests would struggle to stay for longer. The best time is to either plan is on any holiday or a Friday or Saturday night.
  • The best thing to keep in mind is how long will the party be for. Now this depends on what type of party it is, for example having any formal party for more than 3-4 hours will lead to a lot of formality.
  • Long parties require a lot of budget on food and drinks. Deciding on the duration beforehand helps it to minimize the mess.
  • When you are planning an event, it is wise to have extra batteries, phone chargers, instructions, food, beverages and more. You never know what could go wrong at your event, so it is always best to be prepared. Having back -ups is necessary.

2. Choosing a theme:

  • Choosing a theme is another factor included in the pre- planning stage. Depending on the type of party and guests you choose the theme.
  • Theme makes it very easier in choosing the theme based invites, decorations, activities or games and also the food you have.
  • In case of having a theme party, it’s important to inform the guests in the invites.

3. Guest list :

  • Preparing a guest list is one big thing you need to do well before choosing the theme. It is not necessary to call too many friends. A few or a handful would go.
  • The wise way to save on your arrangements is by mentioning RSVP on your invites so that your guests confirm back.
  • The amount of people you invite caters on the how many people you want to arrange it for.
  • You can also build your guest list by segregating it into columns like “must-haves” and “haves”.

4. Choosing a venue:

  • Depending on the type of event you are planning, your venue choice is vital. Instead of hastily and quickly choosing a venue, do your research and choose a venue based on the preferences and number of guests.
  • Choosing a spacious venue, will accommodate all your guests and make them comfortable.
  • At the same time be cost effective, if your house or back yard is sufficient to accommodate your guests, they would make a great venue if decorated properly.

5. Distributing the work:

  • Don’t try to take care of everything on your own, this will wear you out and you won’t be able to enjoy your own party.
  • Finding potential workers for every work is not difficult. Potential workers include parents, family, friend, neighbors and paid professionals.
  • The best way is make a list of tasks and pair with the perfect helper.
  • For example, hiring a photographer for capturing the best moments or having a caterer to help you with the food.
  • Also, by having a list of what each person is doing helps us in keeping a track on what work is left and what is done.

6. Budgeting :

  • It is always a tough job to decide on how much to spend on a party. By getting your pre planning requirements right you can decide on your budget list.
  • Make sure you don’t add up too many things in your budget list like having too much a décor or having too many things to eat.
  • Few ways to reduce the budget is by having potlucks or not investing too much on plates and cutlery.
  • In case of birthday parties, the return gifts can be pocket friendly.


  • On the big day, have an event list or a do- to- list so that you don’t miss on anything.
  • Have a check on the lighting, decoration, food, music and seating.
  • Do not display too many things on the table that would create a mess or confuse the guests.
  • Make sure you spend time with your guests.

8. After Party :

  • Send thank notes to all your guests and helpers.
  • Be sure about make your payments of food and décor etc. immediately.